Venus | Tradescantia Quadricolour


Venus | Tradescantia Quadricolour


Each of these tradescantia is unique, like a colourful fingerprint.  She's named after the 4 colours found in her leaves - cream, pink, white and green in all sorts of patterened variations. She may also surprise you with pinkish-purple flowers throughout the year.



Serena is the perfect desk plant as she's quite compact and doesn't grow too tall, she will grow and spread if given the space and can climb down the pot giving a bushier and full look, perfect for a hanging pot too.



She's a pretty easy going plant who doesn't need too much care but gives you beautiful showy leaves as a result.  Her plastic growing pot is 12cm so I recommend choosing one of our 13cm or 15cm pots for her.



All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman.  As our other Tradescantia is named after Serena, this sister plant is named after Venus Williams, a pioneer tennis player whose accolades are endless and whose overcoming of adversity is an inspiration to so many.


Native to the Americas and West Indies, Venus likes the a sunny brightly lit spot but not prolonged direct sun as it can burn her beautiful leaves.


She likes the soil to be moist so water once a week but always check she's not sat in water or with soggy roots as tradescantia's hate that.


Unfortunately tradescantia plants aren't considered to be pet friendly so keep out of reach, in case your fluffy friend takes a liking to her.



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