Tracey | Maranta Leuconeur | Prayer Plant


Georgia | Maranta Leuconeur | Prayer Plant


This plant really is extraordinary, her gorgeous leaves are painted with pink stripes and dark and light green leaves make her seriously unique, bound to impress even the most seasoned plant addict!


Marantas are fantastic plants, my favourite part of them is that they close up their leaves at night - earning them the nickname 'prayer plant' as they can look like they're praying.   They're pretty easy going to look after, they don't like to sit in lots of water and like a nice spot with indirect sunlight.



Her plastic growing pot is 12cm and so would fit perfectly in one of our 13cm or 15cm pots or without the pot in one of our 12cm pots - just add stones to prevent drainage issues.


The good news for pet owners is that the Maranta is non-toxic to pets!  Just keep out of reach if you have any fluffy friends who might be partial to a nibble.



All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Tracey Emin, known as 'enfant terrible' for her candid and contraversial pieces of art.  I've always found her incredibly inspirational after I was lucky enough to see some of her work when I was at school during a gallery visit.  She made me truly consider how women are percieved, in art and in the world.  Absolutely plant worthy namesake. 


Native to South America, Marantas come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and are a lovely house plant to keep.


They're relatively easy to care for but can be a little fussy to keep an eye on your plant as she settles in.  She likes bright, indirect sunlight and regular waterin.  


Never let her sit in water though and let the top inch of soil dry out before watering and, like many plants, she needs less water in Winter.


Each plant comes with a beautiful printed care card so you'll never be stumped for how to look after it!



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