Marie | Snake Plant | Sansevieria


Marie | Snake Plant | Sansevieria


Snake Plants are an easy to care for, brilliant style statement.  Pop them in a nice pot and they'll grow happily in a sunny spot and is a fantastic air cleaner - making her a great desk buddy.



Snake plants are also very rewarding, you can take their leaves and pop them in water.  They begin to grow roots after a few days and you can plant them to make baby snake plants!  That way you can increase your collection or gift them to friends - she really is the perfect plant.  


Her growing pot is 10cm so fits best in one of our 11cm12cm or 13cm pots.


Snake Plants are mildly toxic to pets (would cause a bit of an upset tummy if ingested) so keep away from any inquisitive fluffy family members.


All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Marie Curie, an incredible scientist whose research into the treatment of cancer with radiation led her to win 2 Nobel prizes for Science and saved countless lives.


Native to Western Africa the Snake Plant likes it warm and sunny without too much water, making her very easy to look after.


She needs good drainage and does not like to be sat in water.  Let the plant dry out between waterings and water less in winter.  Always err on the side of caution as overwatering is what upsets this plant the most.  Also, when watering, avoid getting the leaves wet so no need for the spray here!

In terms of light, she's pretty easy going - but happiest with indirect, bright sunlight.


Each plant comes with a beautiful printed care card so you'll never be stumped for how to look after it!


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