Sarah May | Fittonia Nerve Plant


Fittonia | Nerve Plant | Hypoestes | Paint Splatter Plant


Sarah May is a chameleon of colour, available in Green,Pink and Red.  Her unusual markings are what set her apart and, like the nickname suggests, looks like she's been splattered with paint.



She's a trailing houseplant meaning she won't get particularly tall but may spread out up to around 12 inches (don't worry, she's unlikely to take over the bookcase within a few months). It's easy to take cuttings from her and propogate so get ready for some plant babies!



All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman.  This time, it's Sarah May Fitton, along with her sister Elizabeth discovered this beautiful plant as they smashed the male dominated world of botanical writing in the 1800's - which I think is pretty bloody good.



Sarah May comes in a plastic growing pot which is 8cm, meaning she will fit snugly (lip of the pot showing) in an 8cm pots or with room to grow in our 12cm pots.


Natiive to the jungles of Peru, Sarah May loves humidity and moisture so I recommend keeping her soil fairly damp - the best way to do this is by regular misting.  Keep her somewhere nice and warm but not with direct sunlight as that can burn her leaves.  


Good news!  Fittonias are widely considered to be non-toxic to pets.  Try to keep out of reach though, in case your fluffy friend takes a liking to her...


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