Phoebe | Chinese Money Plant

Phoebe | Chinese Money Plant


Pilea | Chinese Money Plant | UFO Plant


With her gorgeous, lily pad like circular leaves, Phoebe is a star in her own right.  Also known as the Chinese Money Plant, I hope she brings happiness and riches your way!



Originally from China, cuttings were taken by a Norwigian botanist and she's been very popular in Scandinavia every since.  Speaking of cuttings, she's very easy to propogate and if you look after her well, you'll be rewarded with babies growing from the main stem (also known as 'pups' - so cute!)



Pheobe is a very easy to look after plant and highly recommended for those who kill even a cactus.  In China, this plant is traditionally given as a housewarming present but makes a gorgeous gift all year round.  You'll receive a beautiful care card with instructions on how to look after your plant.   She will arrive in a plastic growing pot, or you can add on a beautiful, decorative pot - I recommend a 14cm or 15cm pot.  You could also pop her in a 12cm pot with added stones for drainage.



As with all our houseplants, Phoebe is named after an inspiring woman. This time, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, actress, writer and general amazing woman - if you've not seeen Fleabag, get on it.  After buying this plant, of course.



**Please note that until I can find a printer still working (or the lockdown magically lifts!) your Care Cards will be delivered by email.  I’m happy to send a printed one when they come through, just let me know!**

She's a very easy to care for plant and likes a bright room, but not direct sunlight.  Take care not to overwater her and ensure the soil is nice and dry before giving her a drink again.  She'll let you know when she's thirsty as her leaves start to droop.  


One top tip is to keep turning Phoebe around!  Her leaves naturally gravitate towards the light so you need to turn her to get a well rounded looking plant.  


Good news!  Pileas are widely considered to be non-toxic to pets.  Try to keep out of reach though, in case your fluffy friend takes a liking to her...


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