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Anthuriums are such a classic house plant and they're having a bit of a resurgance right now! Really popular in modern bouquets and arrangemenets, you can now enjoy one all year round at home.  They're also one of the best air purifiers in the business so perfect for improving your air quality.



Fun fact - the 'flowers' on the anthurium plant aren't actually flowers - they're leaves!  This means they're extra long lasting and you'll get to enjoy them for up to 6 weeks.  



My stock of anthuriums is currently in coral red and a gorgeous pink/white mixed flower which is just gorgeous.  



All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Ellie Simmonds, I'm sure you remember her from London 2012, she won 2 gold medals for swimming at her first paralympic games aged just 13 and is the youngest person to be awarded an MBE and seems to be an all-round lovely person, involved in lots of charitable actiivities.


Otegha comes in her plastic growing pot which is 18cm so I recommend a decorative pot from 19cm.


She's native to the rainforests so think semi shade loving and a good deluge of rain (or your watering can...)


She likes a warm sunny spot but not direct sunlight.  If there's too much direct sun, her leaves might burn, if there's not enough light, you may not get as many flowers growing. 


Water when the top inch or so of the soil is wet and don't let her sit in standing water.  I also recommend giving the leaves a good spray of water every now and again to up that humidity factor


Anthuriums are considered to be toxic to cats and dogs so if you have fluffy family members, you may want to keep this one out of reach.


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