Maya | Philodendron | Scandens


Maya | Philodendron | Scandens


Often confused with Pothos, Philodendrons are one of the best beginner friendly plants and are super rewarding as you watch them grow and climb.


Luckily for you, she also loves life as a houseplant and will quickly tansform to a gorgeous draping vine, almost anywhere.  With heart shaped leaves and a beautiful dark green colour she makes a real style statement sitting on a shelf or hanging in a planter or basket.



Perfect for even the least green-fingered person as she's easy to look after and hard to kill as well as looking pretty fabulous.



Emmeline comes in a plastic growing pot, you can choose to add on a beautiful, hand picked, perfectly fitting pot so that she arrives fully dressed for her new home.  She looks gorgeous in a pot, with room to tumble over the side of a bookcase or table or hanging from a macrame plant hanger for that mid-century vibe.  Maya comes in a 12cm growing pot and would fit best in one of our 15cm pots.  



Just like all our plants, Maya is named after an inspiring woman - this time it's Maya Angelou, celebrated poet, writer and civil rights activist. 


Maya descends from the tropical forests of South and Central America, so that's the kind of environment she thrives in.  Warm, slightly humid, partial shade and a good deluge of rain (or your watering can) every now and agaiin. 


She loves partial light (but not full shade) and a good watering every now and again - but let the soil dry out first, overwatering is generally the worst thing you can do for this type of plant.


Give her a trim if she gets 'leggy' and create new baby Maya's from your cuttings to give to friends!  Find out how in our blog post.


Philodendron plants are toxic to pets if eaten in large quantities so keep away from your fluffy family members if they like to nibble.


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