Jacinda | Spider Plant


Jacinda | Spider Plant | Chlorophytum comosum


The Spider Plant is maybe the most iconic house plant - who didn't have one in the house growing up?  They're also the perfect live accompanimnet to any mid-century furniture or teak sideboards for that perfect modern-meets-vintage eclectic look.


Spider plants are also very rewarding, when they're happy, they give you lots of little babies, or 'spiderettes' so you can increase your collection or gift them to friends - Jacinda really is the perfect plant.  


Her growing pot is 12cm and fits best in one of our 13cm or 15cm pots.  You could also put her in a 12cm pot with a few stones at the bottom, for drainage.


All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Jacinda Ardern, PM for New Zealand.  Whether it's breast feeding in Parliamant or forging a world leading plan through COVID, she's an incredible leader and overall awesome woman.


Native to South Africa but now found in tropical climates around the world, the Spider Plant is a really easy going plant and ideal for those who struggle to keep their house plants alive.

Give her a good watering every couple of weeks but don't leave her sitting in lots of water and you can let her dry out between waterings - she's very chilled and can take being forgotten for a few weeks here and there. 

The only common issue you might see is browning leaf tips - mine gets this sometimes.  It's due to fluoride in our tap water so water from a filtered jug if you have one, or leave a jug or bucket outside to collect rainwater - I find my plants prefer the natural stuff to our tap water every day!


Each plant comes with a beautiful printed care card so you'll never be stumped for how to look after it!


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