Florence | Tineke Rubber Plant

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Florence | Teneke Rubber Plant | Ficus Elastica


Rubber plants are great, easy to care for house plants and this one is a beaut!  With a sort of 'camo print' on her leaves of cream, light and dark greens with a hint of pink, Florence is a rubber plant with a difference.


The perfect plants for beginners, rubber plants don't need a lot of care.  Put her in a nice spot with indirect sunlight and let her dry out between waterings and she'll be happy.  Water a little more in summer but never leave her standing in water and ensure there's good drainage.


Rubber plants love a good misting with a spray bottle full of water, leaves can get dusty and benefit from a wipe with a clean cloth to ensure she's getting all the light she needs (and looks fabulous!)


Her plastic growing pot is 12cm and so would fit perfectly in one of our 13cm or 15cm pots or without the plastic pot in one of our 12cm pots (be sure to add stones for drainage!).


As with many rubber plants, they're not pet friendly so keep out of reach of any fluffy friends who might want to nibble.


All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Florence Nightingale, hailed as the founder of modern nursing.  Also a tiny homage to Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) who is my ever-consistent girl crush.


Native to Asia, rubber plants can grow very tall if you let them.   You can maintain their smaller size if you like by keeping them in smaller pots, rather than repotting.


She needs good drainage and does not like to be sat in water.  Let the plant dry out between waterings and water less in winter.  Overwatering can lead to brown blotchy patches on the sides of the leaves so watch out fot that!


In terms of light, she's pretty easy going - but happiest with indirect, bright sunlight.


Give her leaves a wipe with a clean cloth if she's a bit dusty to make sure she's getting all that lovely light!


Each plant comes with a beautiful printed care card so you'll never be stumped for how to look after it!



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