Fearne | Boston Fern Plant


Fearne | Boston Fern | Sword Fern


Fearne is a great little plant, she loves a cool, humid room, making her the perfect bathroom plant. 



If you're a serial over-waterer, Fearne is the plant for you as she absolutely loves it!  Used to living on the floor of the rainforest, she loves moist soil and a misty, humid environment.  She's also pretty easy going when it comes to light.  Although she thrives in bright, indirect light - she can tolerate shadier spots (but never no natural light - all plants need that!)



Her plastic growing pot is 14cm and so would fit perfectly in one of our 15cm or 17cm pots.


The good news for pet owners is that the Boston Fern is non-toxic to pets!  Just keep out of reach if you have any fluffy friends who might be partial to a nibble.


All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Fearne Cotton whose books and podcasts share so much joy, laughs, positivity and honesty - if you've not listened to the Happy Place podcast, I highly recommend it!  (After you buy this plant of course).


Native to tropical rainforests in Central & South America, also found in Africa and the Carribean, ferns are a beautiful addition to any room.


They're pretty easy to care for - they love a humid, cool environment (just like where they grow, on the forest floor) so make a great bathroom buddy.  They love indirect bright light but can handle a little more shade too.  Just ensure you water as soon as the top couple of inches of soil start getting dry to maintain the moistness of the soil.  She also loves a good misting with a water spray to keep moist and increase humidity.


They really don't like being touched (it can turn their fronds brown!) so pop her in a place where she can be left alone to grow and she won't get brushed past too much.


Each plant comes with a beautiful printed care card so you'll never be stumped for how to look after it!



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