Emmeline | Devil's Ivy | Large


Devil's Ivy | Epipremnum | Pothos


Native to the Soloman Islands this beauty is used to climbing trees and snaking across the moss covered floor. 



Luckily for you, she also loves life as a houseplant and will quickly tansform to a gorgeous draping vine, almost anywhere.  With heart shaped leaves and a beautiful dark green colour she makes a real style statement sitting on a shelf or hanging in a planter or basket.



Perfect for even the least green-fingered person as she's easy to look after and hard to kill and the benefit of buying the large version is she's already pretty well grown and got that gorgeous trailing look.  They're fast growers so expect her to keep going!



Emmeline comes in a large plastic pot that is 15cm with a removable hanger attached or you can choose one of our gorgeousss pot, I recommend a 19cm pot to fit her perfectly.  She also looks absolutely beautiful in a macrame hanger for that mid-century look. 


If you're looking for something smaller, we also have a small version of Emmeline so you can watch her grow!


Just like all our plants, Emmeline is named after an inspiring woman - this time, the iconic Emmeline Pankhurst who led a key suffrage group to obtain votes for women in the early 1900's.

The Soloman Islands is a warm and sunny place with the occasional deluge courtesty of the seasonal rains. 

She loves partial light (but not full shade) and a good watering every now and again - but let the soil dry out first, overwatering is generally the worst thing you can do for this type of plant.


Give her a trim if she gets 'leggy' and create new baby Emmelines from your cuttings to give to friends!  Find out how in this blog post.


Pothos are toxic to pets if eaten in large quantities so keep away from fluffy family members if they like to nibble.


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