Deborah | Polka Dot Plant


Begonia Maculata | Trout Begonia | Spotted Begonia


Just look at those leaves!  Deborah is the fashionista of the plant world with her perfect white polka dots against the dark green leaves, and a purple underside like an incredible cloak.  As she grows, more tiny little leaves will emerge, with even tinier little dots!  A gorgeous plant that keeps on giving.



She's a little different and people often comment on my polka dot plant, having never seen anything quite like her!  Ideal for the friend who loves a good plant.  She will arrive in a plastic growing pot, or you can add on a perfectly fitting pot to go with her - Her growing pot is 12cm so I would recommend a 13cm or 15cm pot.  You could go for a 12cm pot and add a few stones in the bottom for drainage.



Just like all our plants, Deborah is named after an inspiring woman.  This time, it's Deborah Frances-White also known as The Guilty Feminist.  If you've not listened to her podcast, why not?  Make it the next thing you do after buying this plant.

She's relatively easy to care for plant and likes a bright room, but not direct sunlight.  Take care not to overwater her and ensure the soil is nice and dry before giving her a drink again.  


I find that misting the leaves with clean water helps to stop them drying out at the ends - just use an old cleaning spray bottle (fully empty!) - you'll find that most houseplants respond to a good misting - it reminds them of the evening mists from their native lands.


Begonias are not pet-friendly plants so keep this one out of reach of your fluffy loved ones.


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