Caitlin | String of Hearts Plant


String Of Hearts | Ceropegia woodii | Rosary Vine


Caitlin is a gorgeous little plant who grows heart shaped leaves down delicate vines.  Grow a cascade or wrap them around your pot, she's a real talking point!



She's a trailing houseplant and can get up to 90cm long but if that's too much, I recommend wrapping her around the pot or giving her a little trim.  It's easy to take cuttings from her and propogate so get ready for some plant babies!



All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Caitlin (pronounced Cat-Lyn) after the fabulous Caitilin Moran.  Her book 'How to Build a Girl' is a hilarious triumph and I highly recommend reading it.  After you buy this plant.



Caitlin comes in a plastic growing pot which is 8cm, meaning she will fit snugly (lip of the pot showing) in one of our 8cm pots or with room to grow in our 10cm, 11cm pots or 12cm pots.

Native to South Africa, Caitlin is part of the succulent family so doesn't like her soil to be too wet (ideal for those of us who leave a while between waterings...)


She likes it relatively warm, with some sunlight but not prolonged direct sun as it can burn her beautiful leaves.


Good news!  String of Hearts are widely considered to be non-toxic to pets.  Try to keep out of reach though, in case your fluffy friend takes a liking to her...


When your plant arrives, here vines will be all coiled up in the package - this is how all hanging plants are shipped - it's the best way to protect them.  Gently unwravel her and let the stems hang for a few days before trying to detangle/reposition them so not to cause too much stress.  You will get some leaf loss but not to worry, she's a speedy grower!


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