Anne Marie | Helix Ivy | Shamrock


Anne Marie | Helix Ivy | Hedera Shamrock


Native to the UK and many northern hemisphere countries, she's super easy to care for and will reward you with gorgeous climbing foliage of a beautiful deep emerald green.



Perfect for even the least green-fingered person as she's easy to look after and hard to kill as well as looking pretty fabulous.



Anne Marie comes in a plastic growing pot, you can choose to add on a beautiful, hand picked, perfectly fitting pot so that she arrives fully dressed for her new home.  She looks gorgeous in a pot, with room to tumble over the side of a bookcase or table or hanging from a macrame plant hanger for that mid-century vibe.  She fits best in one of our 10cm, 11cm or 12cm pots. 



Just like all our plants, Anne Marie is named after an inspiring woman.  This time, as her variant is 'shamrock' I've chosen an Irish woman.  Anne Marie campagined for abortion rights for women in Ireland for over 3 decades, proclaiming the day that the referndum passed by a landslide as 'one of the best days of my life'. 


As she grows quite happily in the UK, she's a pretty easy to care for house plant here!  Give her some nice bright light (but not direct sulight) the occasional water but ensure the top two inches are dry before watering as she doesn't like to be too damp.


Give her a trim if she gets 'leggy' and the stems become sparse of leaves, it's usually a sign she needs a little more light too.


Ivy plants are toxic to pets if eaten so keep away from your fluffy family members if they like to nibble.


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