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Peperomia | Peperomia polybotrya | Raindrop


Have you ever seen a plant quite like Natalie?!  A firm favourite in the house plant community for these beautiful delicate dual coloured leaves - dark green on the top and crimson underneath.


She's a pretty easy going plant who doesn't need too much care but gives you beautiful showy leaves as a result.  Her plastic growing pot is 10cm so she would fit great in a 12cm or 13cm pot.



All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it's Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea, an amazing campaigner who is working to rid the sea of single-use plastic, follow her journey at @citytosea_


Native to South America, Natalie likes it relatively warm, with some sunlight but not prolonged direct sun as it can burn her beautiful leaves.


It's important to balance under/over watering with your peperomia, let the top part of her soil dry out before watering again but be sure she's not sat in water or with soggy roots. 


Peperomias actually quite like being pot bound so don't worry too much about repotting, too early.  


They're delicate plants and the leaves can break easily.  The good news if a few have come off is that you can propogate baby pepermomias from the leaves!


Good news!  Peperomias are widely considered to be non-toxic to pets.  Try to keep out of reach though, in case your fluffy friend takes a liking to her.


*Due to their delicate nature, you may find some bruised/brown leaves when your plant arrives.  Feel free to remove those if you want, there's plenty of baby leaves on the way to fill the gaps!*


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