A Package-Free Zone


This is the biggest and most important thing to note. I don’t offer packages of any sort. How can I, when for each wedding I have a vast range of nature’s bounty to choose from as my raw materials?

Now, it will undoubtedly seem odd and perhaps a little frustrating to click on a ‘pricing’ page and find no easily navigable price list, but bear with me. First of all, let’s manage some expectations: My couples typically spend anything from £1000 to upwards of £5000 on their wedding flowers.  But where does that money go, and what does it equate to?


Budgeting for your wedding flowers can seem a bit of a dark art, as there are so many factors in play.


With this page (and this blog post, which goes into lots more detail) I hope to be able to shed some light on the process of pricing. Here’s why you won’t get even an estimated quote from me until we’ve had our initial consultation and I’ve started to get to know you, your love story and the plans for your courageously creative wedding flowers:


Your wedding flowers are the most bespoke and customisable element of your day, so every single quote I put together is one-of-a-kind and unique to you and your wedding celebration. 

A Seasonal Shift


A peony is a peony is a peony, except when it isn’t. If you’ve got your heart set on these gorgeously blowsy blooms but you’re getting married in January, then the sourcing and conditioning part of my job becomes that much more time consuming, and the flowers themselves become pricier from the outset. 

(Peonies are a particularly good example here, as for winter weddings they’re flown across the world from New Zealand, and can sometimes cost as much as £10 per flower!). I try and work with the seasons where possible, and will always suggest grown-not-flown alternative varieties to help keep costs down if budget is an issue for you.

This Ain’t No Supermarket


It’s very probable that your experience with flower costs up to now has been at the supermarket checkout, buying a bunch of colour to brighten up your home. 

I’d advise you to come into your consultation with me with an open mind, and once you receive your quote, we can always adjust the scope, scale or intricacy of the proposed designs to better suit the funds you have available.

I’m not knocking supermarket flowers, but they’re simply not in the same league of quality as those I’ll be using for your wedding day, and their costs reflect that.

If you’re buzzing with ideas for your wedding flowers and feel like we’d be a good fit, but you’re concerned about the budget, why not get in touch for a chat? I’d love to talk you through some options and give you an honest appraisal of whether your proposed numbers sounds like they’re in the right zone for what you’re looking to create. 


In the meantime, head over to the blog, and check out this post for a more detailed breakdown of all things pricing and the many elements that make up the installations and arrangements you see as you walk into your wedding venue. 


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